Glass Cutting

Jets of water are driven at up to 3 times the speed of sound through a high pressure hose at amazing levels of pressure up to 60,000PSI to create the precision cuttings that can be achieved. The Water can be mixed with abrasive substance such as garnet to erode glass in the targeted and precise fashion required. Jet cutting technology has no problem in slicing through many types of glass or refractory materials and has the constructive ability to cut sandwich structures or a combination of different materials and surfaces.

Below is an example of the excellent lines that can be created through the use of water jet cutting:

Tile shape

Shape cut from a tile
Glass holes

Holes cut into glass
Glass aperture

12mm Thick float glass aperture, showing Grit blash finish produced by abrasive Water Jet cutting
Glass cutting

Glass cutting in operation

With the introduction of modern constructive features and innovation to benefit many types of manufacture in the glass cutting industry, Cross Waterjet Services is on the forefront of waterjet cutting technology in unique and innovative ways.

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